I've suffered from hearing loss for 25+ years, but my wife will probably say it's been much much longer than that! I was fortunate enough to be supplied with NHS aids for the past 8 years, but, in my opinion, these have not coped with the continued deterioration in my hearing. Hearing loss, particularly at certain frequencies, has impacted on my ability to engage in conversation in crowded pubs and restaurants, and to enjoy recorded and live music and trips to the theatre. Turning up the radio or TV volume is not a solution!

Paul Dyer at the Heybridge Hearing Centre was recommended to me by a local health professional and I'm really pleased that they did. Paul conducted an extremely thorough and detailed examination of my hearing, and took into account my personal expectations of hearing aids. He then took me through a range of options. I was even provided with a pair of aids on a trial basis to establish if they met my exacting needs. I decided to purchase the Starkey model which is compatible with the iPhone. Via a Bluetooth connection, this system offers me the opportunity to set the aids to cope with different environments, and save a setting for a particular venue.

These new aids have really made a real difference to my enjoyment of music, and engaging in conversation in situations with significant background noise.

Terrific service and a genuine desire to help people find ways to improve their hearing - that's how I would describe Paul Dyer.

I found Paul via a third party website after doing much research. I live in Basildon and he has visited me at home for all our appointments.
I already had hearing devices and have used them for over 6 years so I am familiar with the process.

Paul carried out a hearing test and suggested interrupted tones as |i have tinnitus and the single tone may have been overpowered by it.
I went with one set of devices by a particular manufacturer and purchased a 5 year manufacturer warranty. These came with a 30 day no quibble guarantee, which turned out to be good as I did not feel they were as good as I had hoped.

Without fuss, Paul visited again and "started from scratch". This time we decided to opt for devices made by Starkey. I decided to go for a remote control to give me volume control and also programme selection (3 programmes). In addition I also decided to try the audio stream device to stream sound from the TV as this is a problem area for me due to the mismatch in mine and my wife's hearing.

These devices (with the remote) also stream music from an MP3 player and also my mobile so I get the phone straight into the earpieces.

Paul visited again today to fine tune the settings and the results have been very good.

The technology is excellent and also so is the service Paul has provided.

I thoroughly recommend the service of this company.

Thanks Paul for your expert help and also so your friendly and patient service

Letter from Client to Manufacturer:

Dear Sir / Madam,
I recently
purchased the 'Moxi fit north 'pro' hearing aids from Paul Dyer of Heybridge Hearing Centre.
and I would like to let you know how amazing the experience of being able to hear more clearly has become for me. I have been hard of hearing all my life, having being born at 26 weeks (52 years agol!) . I have also had private hearing aids, growing up, but I was still limited to what I could hear, due mainly to technology standards. I was not confident, wouldn't answer the telephone as I cannot hear on an ordinary one, even the amplified ones were loud, but not clear which is still a problem for me. Mobile phone were a hit and miss, due to my requirements, not a lot of help with hearing devices and so up till now have been unable to use it without loudspeaker, which you cannot use in public because everybody else hears your conversation before you do!
The first day I went out with my new aids, I crossed a main road and for the first time was able to hear the different engine noises of the cars waiting at the lights. I could hear the car approaching from behind as I crossed, and I heard a man voice talking in the street round the corner to where I was walking...this was so daunting that it made me cry. I couldn't believe the clearness of everything, people talking I can now hear the individual words, and letters previously I couldn't hear difference between the letters S & X, B, D, or P and the most enjoyable thing of all, because of the clarity now, I can actually hear instruments on music... I came home and put on my Cds, one of my favourite recordings -amazing by Luther Vandross, I could hear the small piano solo which I had never heard before - again it made me cry. .. it was a very emotional day to say the least! ! ! I also have the U-Stream dongle for my mobile. This has been my biggest surprise .... I cannot explain the weight/ barrier it has removed: to be able to have a normal conversation on the telephone is surreal...I'm almost wishing people to call me these days!!! I will be purchasing the adaptor for the television at a later date as I cannot afford it at the moment so then it will be complete - no more subtitlesM will be able to hear the television clearer than anybody else!! I would also like to express the service by Paul was the best care and attention by any audiologist I have ever experienced. He was enthusiastic about the product, and without his product knowledge would have not even considered the Unitron aids. He is extremely patient, and visited my home several Times to ensure that I was getting the aids programmed correctly. I am not the easiest person to please when getting my aids correct, it was the first time that someone actually listened to what I wanted or required, rather than try to tell me what their professional opinion was, or what the 'data' referred. Every problem, or qualm I had, he had a solution or suggestion- nothing was too much bother - he was amazing, and it will be a pleasure dealing with him in the future.
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