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Hearing is a vital sense - Protect Yours!

Prices from £99.00 for custom-made earpieces for smartphones/mp3 players.**
Prices from £165.00 for ‘Elacin’ tailor-made ER9/15/25.
Prices from £99.00** for Digital custom-made Ear-Defenders for Shooting/Industrial.
** (Plus £25.00 for ‘Impression-Taking’).

tel: 01621 929 243
mob: 0747 235 0108


Custom-made earpieces for smartphones/mp3 players: for comfort, security (they stay in your ears better) and sheer listening pleasure, these are an affordable luxury for ‘gamers’ &/or those who ‘plug in’ to their small screens regularly.

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Click HERE to download brochure (pdf) for Starkey ‘SoundGear’. P.O.A.
(Call 01621 929243).

NB. For musicians who require in-ear ‘wired’ monitors, Starkey ‘Tunz’ (CLICK HERE) products are an excellent choice, with prices starting from £325.00: this includes the cost of ‘Impression taking’ which can be done at home, or at a Hearing Centre.
Delivery usually in 2-3 weeks - all orders are custom-made. Call us for details.

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‘Elacin’Er9/15/25 will provide excellent protection for musicians, but still allow the flow of general conversation to be heard.