What You Need to Know

Our prices start at £890.00 (pair). We supply latest technology only. It’s good. (Come and try.)
Free demonstration & loan for you to trial.
Just like a computer, the price varies according to the ‘chip’ (the processor).

For more information, contact us
here (or call 01621 929243), or visit our website www.heybridgehearing.co.uk


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Buying the best makes a big difference, but don’t spend more than you need to. Here’s how…
At Heybridge Hearing Centre we guarantee to save you over 20% (for latest Premium ‘background-noise-reducing’ technology) on average ‘High Street’ prices. Guide to ’Specifications’ Here.

And we frequently have offers giving even greater discounts!


The technology has now enabled manufacturers to offer user devices including:

  • Remote Controls* (No drawing attention if a little extra volume required).
    • Remote Microphones* (ideal at meetings or for one-to-one conversation in loud noise).
  • Streamers* (to enable clear sound on TV, for example, while the speaker volume remains low).
    • Wireless connection to mobile phones*, giving crystal clear phone calls anywhere.
*Such devices are not available from the NHS (to our knowledge). They really make a difference…
Styles (types of hearing aid)
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From discreet ‘receiver-in-canal’ (‘RICshown Left) systems to ‘virtually invisible’ (iic) hearing aids, the choice is yours**.
NB. This may depend on your ‘residual’ hearing. All audiologists will advise you how to get the best results.

This photo shows how a ‘RIC’ Hearing Aid looks ‘on the ear’.
Click Here: for more pictures.

As Independents, we offer systems from all manufacturers.
- Hearing aids which will suit any type of loss.
- Hearing Assessment always ‘without obligation’.


What to expect
- Free Ear Check (it could just be wax).
- A thorough hearing assessment takes approximately an hour.
- Manufacturer Warranty included in the price.
- A ‘money-back’ guarantee.
- Hearing Aid Audiologists must be registered with The Health & Care Professions Council.
- Some (not all) may charge for the assessment. (We do not.)
- Free aftercare for as long as you own your ‘private’ hearing system.
- Service as required - no waiting & usually within 24 hours - can even be ‘same day’.


Q. Why do hearing aids prices vary/carry a high price?
A. All of the above PLUS:
1. it is similar to buying a computer - faster processor (‘chip’) = more channels and increased capability of reducing background noise. 2. It is one of the few ‘tech’ products (the only one?) you can buy and be guaranteed to have a free aftercare service without having to go through a robotic telephone system or call centre.


**Hearing Aids from the NHS are free. Choice, though, is usually restricted (you may not even get a choice).

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